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Full Stack Engineer – Perm – Bristol – Upto 50k

Job Title: Full Stack Engineer – Perm – Bristol – Upto 50k

Job Reference: BR_2868

Location: South-West England

Salary: £45000-£50000

Full Stack Engineer: Our client is currently on the lookout for a Full Stack Engineer to assist with the enhancement of their software which enables people to create and share engaging content across various platforms. The Full Stack Developer will adopt the agile principles of working and have an in-depth understanding of good practices within the development and delivery process,. The role will involve new feature builds on a cloud-native platform, therefore, it is important that the Full Stack Engineer has good knowledge of cloud technologies in particular AWS.

The Full Stack Engineer will have the following experience:

  •  At least 2 years of professional experience working on customer-facing web apps
  • Knowledge of cloud computing platforms and infrastructure (AWS)
  • Experience building a full-stack application, from the user interface to the data store.
  • An understanding of the differences between data store options (s3, document database, a relational database)
  • Experience working with API services and integrating with 3rd party services
  • Modern JavaScript and front-end development skills (e.g. EcmaScript 6)
  • Experience using React with an understanding of state management libraries
  • User-driven, the user’s experience is paramount to you – “dev complete” is not the same as done
  • Analytically minded, you know that you can’t say that something is a success or failure without measuring it
  • Introspective, you are constantly looking to evolve your own skillset including reaching out into other areas such as UX and the agile process


  • Implement new features to our existing web apps, writing readable, maintainable and testable code
  • See your features through from inception to production and own your feature
  • Collaborate with the product and UX team to create user stories from epics
  • Work with developers to improve each others’ skills and knowledge about new technologies and best practices
  • Validate new features with data-driven analytics
  • Write tests (unit, integration and functional) to ensure that your code works as intended over time
  • Maintain code quality through linting and code review
  • Continuously Integrate and Deploy your work little and often to production through the CI/CD pipeline.
  • Monitor releases with appropriate metrics and alerting to indicate system health.


  • Experience with the latest (widely supported) HTML5 & CSS3 APIs
  • Understanding of Agile principles
  • Experience with SPAs/PWAs
  • Be comfortable with git, and source management tools (e.g. GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab)


  • Datastores (MySql, Dynamo, Redis, S3)
  • Cloud Services (AWS, Cloudflare)
  • Infrastructure orchestration (Serverless, Cloudformation)
  • CI/CD Pipeline (Codeship, Jenkins, Bitbucket Pipelines)
  • Static websites (Gatsbyjs, Contentful)
  • ReactJS (Redux, Redux-Sagas, React-Router)
  • TDD/BDD (Jest, Chai, Mocha, Enzyme, Cypress, TestCafe)
  • NodeJS (Express)
  • Docker (Docker-Compose)
  • Canvas (PIXI.js, Fabricjs)
  • HTML5 & CSS technologies
  • Webpack, NPM
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