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Much has been made of Brexit and its impact on recruitment and Britain’s ability to source staff – especially in industries which are already experiencing a shortage of qualified talent.

Despite endeavours across the business community to find out what Brexit will actually mean in practical terms for these issues, very little is really known. But many predicted themes are emerging, based on the current employment situation in the UK, existing trends and the anticipated impact of skilled migrant worker barriers.

Firstly, there is already a broad problem with Britain’s skills base, which Brexit is likely to make worse. Anecdotal evidence suggests that EU workers are turning down opportunities in the UK while they await confirmation of new rules, and many existing EU workers are making arrangements to return home. This has a particular impact on industries that heavily rely on migrant workers, such as hospitality, construction and healthcare. With insufficient home grown skills and qualified workers in the pipeline, employers are concerned.

There is also a question over the future of big overseas brands and their operations in the UK. This is particularly the case with the financial services industry, which currently benefits from EU passport rules. If the UK loses this benefit, there is a risk that the financial industry will look for alternative HQ locations and move away from London. However, despite much panic about a business exodus following the referendum vote, the market seems to have quietened down. In fact, Britain PLC is doing well in terms of its economy and growth and its financial markets have stabilised. Yes, pound sterling has plummeted and affected the UK’s imports heavily – but it has also given a boon to the manufacturing sector, with exports favourably positioned to grow.

One interesting trend that we may well see to address the skills shortage, is a drive among employers to welcome back older workers and mothers to the workplace; two groups that possess skills and experience, but which are not always adequately supported with flexible working conditions that allow them to return to employed roles. The government may well step up initiatives to encourage this trend.

In the meantime, however, Brightred Resourcing will continue to focus on its own cost controls, efficiencies, growth plans – and the ongoing search for skilled, talented individuals that can take us forward into the future.

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