Candidate Help

Writing your CV is the one element you have total control over. Maximise this advantage with a few simple truths from us. Keep it to three pages and if you get the content right, three pages will be enough. Focus on the highlights and the achievements, cut the repetition, use an easy to read typeface with headings and sub-headings, a sensible running order – personal stuff and profile, career history working back in time, then the academic stuff.

Finally a little personal detail to show you’re not all work and no play! Before you send it anywhere, check it for grammar and speling. Then check for spelling again! Then get someone else to check it.

Interview tips are legendary. Here’s our favourites which we hope will help you. You’ve got this far so the interviewer thinks you could do the job. Here’s your chance to confirm they’ve made the right decision. If possible, get some interview practice beforehand with someone who knows you and understands the role.

Do your homework; plenty of it and not just the night before. You’ll find it easier to handle any questions about your suitability and can talk around the company and opportunity giving you greater credibility. Dress smartly and act professionally. Try and turn any negatives or gaps in your experience into positives. Turn the tables and ensure you ask some questions yourself. They may be selecting you but you need to show some confidence (not arrogance) that you’re also selecting them.