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Just a couple of decades ago offshore software development was mainly associated with India or the Philippines. However, today the offshore tech talent pool has extended, embracing the countries of Eastern Europe, specifically Poland.  According to HacerRank Poland now belongs in the world’s top 3 countries with the best developers.

The following reasons make Poland one of the world’s most attractive destinations for tech talent outsourcing:

  • Competitive rates. The cost of living in Poland is lower than neighbouring Western European countries, so the salaries are 20 – 50 % lower than those in Western Europe or the United States.
  • Convenient location. Located in the heart of Europe, Poland is close to major European financial centres such as London, Paris and Frankfurt, with convenient flights to those and other destinations.
  • EU membership. Poland is a member of the European Union, which makes collaboration with specialists from this country stable, reliable, and secure. The EU membership is especially beneficial for fintech startups because it is important for them that the offshore or nearshore country complies with the EU regulatory structure. Besides, like other EU members, Poland is currently subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It means that the client data will be safe in case of collaboration with Poland.
  • Stable economy. Despite the hard times that the country experienced during its struggle for independence, now Polish economy is the most stable among the Eastern European countries.
  • Similar cultural and business etiquette standards. There are no dramatic cultural differences between Poland and the US or Western European countries as it would be with, for example, India or China. Having been a part of the European Union for 14 years, Poland has absorbed the western mentality and now it is ready to collaborate with clients from western cultures. Moreover, most Polish software developers demonstrate the excellent knowledge of English, meaning that there will be no communication problems.
  • Favourable tax conditions. Major Polish cities such as Krakow are special economic zones, which grant income tax exemptions to the interested investors. In such a way the government creates favourable conditions for the growth of the technology market.as

Facts & Figures

  • 15,000 students specialising in information and communication technologies graduate from Polish universities every year.
  • 80,000 students are currently studying to become software developers.
  • Krakow belongs to the top 10 super cities in terms of digital innovation.
  • According to Top Coder ranking Polish developers are currently ranked 5th in the world behind China, USA, Japan, with Russia leading the way.
  • Polish IT market is growing at a stable rate of 5 – 10 % a year.
  • Global IT giants such as Microsoft, Google, Oracle, Cisco, and Intel have their Rearch & Development centres in Poland.

Source: TopCoder

Software Skills of Developers in Poland

The most popular programming languages and technologies are Java, PHP, C#, .NET, C++, Python, and JavaScript. The engineers in Poland are eager to learn new technologies. They attend the numerous science and tech conferences that take place every month in the country’s major cities such as Krakow, Warsaw, Wrocław, etc. For example, the ACE! Agile conference, the largest event of this kind in Central Europe, takes place in Krakow.

How can Brightred help you

Having successfully opened an office in Krakow, we couldn’t be in a better position to help you find the perfect team for your project.

Our success is reliant and noted for its diligence. Brightred approach every project with in-depth research into successful hires and your direct competitors, ensuring we get the whole picture surrounding your resourcing needs.

Contact our Country Lead, Paulina Bukowska to discuss your project requirements, deadlines and desired skill set.

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