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AI-based automated solutions are reshaping the aviation industry. By implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions, the aviation industry can increase operational efficiencies and reduce errors while significantly improving customer service. According to Maximise Market Research, AI solutions in the aviation global market earned a revenue of £84.7 million in 2017. This value is expected to touch £2.55 billion by 2026, growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 46.3% during 2018-2024. London-based analyst firm Technavio predicts that the global AI aviation market will grow by £585.6 million during 2018-2022, recording a growth rate of 38% during this period. 

AI Solutions at Heathrow Airport

Constrained by capacity, Heathrow Airport had to implement smarter solutions to optimise capacity and operations. As such, the authorities turned towards AI. With the help of National Air Traffic Services (NATS), Heathrow is exploring AI-based innovative solutions for flight operations. 

NATS is UK’s leading air traffic services provider that manages 14 UK airports, handling 250 million passengers across 2.4 million flights. NATS began a pilot project in Jan 2019 wherein it had installed Ultra HD 4K cameras to monitor flight positions in the airport using AI technology. As of now, Airport Management is using a 285-foot long control tower that uses radar technology to check the positioning of flights. Historically, they were only able to accommodate nine landings per hour. With the Ultra HD 4K cameras and AI platform called AIMEE powered by Searidge Technologies Inc., the gap between flight landings is expected to reduce by 20 seconds, therefore increasing capacity dramatically. 

A £2.5 million digital control tower laboratory is installed inside the airport control room wherein AI tools analyse and interpret the data. Heathrow is going to track 50,000 flight arrivals and submit their report to the UK Civil Aviation Authority. After the approval, this technology will also be used to monitor the new 3rd runway, eliminating the need to construct another giant monitoring radar tower.

Kathryn Leahy, the Director of Operations, expressed delight in working with NATS. She stated that the capacity challenges that are unique to the operations can be resolved with AI solutions. As such they are keeping a close eye on the progress of this trial project. 

“We’ll be keeping a close eye on this trial, as the technology could have a major role as we prepare for the expanded airport. We will watch how AI and digital towers could be used to monitor all three of the expanded airport’s runways in future.”

Heathrow airport is the seventh busiest airport in the world and manages millions of flights and passengers throughout the year. To improve operational efficiencies, the airport is using Microsoft AI solutions. Microsoft’s Power Apps Platform is playing a key role in implementing AI into the infrastructure to make it smarter. According to Heathrow CIO, AI systems are helping them to cut down on flight delays while enabling efficient analysis of large volumes of data. In addition, Microsoft Power Apps Platform allows their employees to instantly create new apps for a better and improved performance. 

In addition, AI solutions play a key role in managing airline operations. AI tools help the airport authorities to convert huge volumes of raw data into business insights for better customer service. In addition, they increase the security at airports without causing inconvenience to passengers. AI tools can quickly scan objects and signals of interest to identify threats faster than humans. As such, they allow more people to pass through the security gate every hour. With AI solutions, biometric ID management programs become more efficient and effective. Scheduling of staff, analysing customer feedback, automatic messaging and notification system, routine administrative tasks etc. are some of the important operations that can be become better with AI solutions. 

Heathrow Airport authorities are investing heavily in AI solutions. With AI technology playing a key role in airport operations, AI professionals can expect a huge number of job opportunities in this space. So, this is the best time for AI professionals to become a part of this prestigious organisation. 

Heathrow Airport expansion project is driving growth, jobs and opportunities for everyone. So, this is the right time to equip yourselves with the right skills and contact the right job consultancy to get into the prestigious organisation. Brightred is here to help. Located on the doorstop of Heathrow Airport, Brightred has been supplying top talent into this vibrant environment for many years.

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