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In June 2019, Heathrow Airport authorities announced the long awaited masterplan of the airport expansion project that instantly became viral across the globe. According to BBC News, the airport authorities will construct a 3rd runway by 2030 and the expansion project will be completed by 2050. The expansion proposal has been in discussion from 29 years. The House of Commons voted in its favour in 2018 and the public consultation began in 2019. Currently, the airport expansion project is progressing at a rapid pace, driving innovation, growth, jobs and opportunities for everyone.

An overview of Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Airport is UK’s largest airport that is located 14 miles west of Central London and operates 1200 flights per day via two parallel runways. It is built in a spacious area of 12.27 sqkms. There are four operations terminals that serve 80+ airlines and 185 destinations in 84 countries. This 70-year old London airport is the seventh busiest airport in the world in terms of total passenger traffic and the third busiest airport in terms of international passenger traffic. According to a Heathrow Infographic, the airport served 80.1 million passengers in 2018, averaging 222,000 passengers and 1,300 flights per day. This value is 2.7% higher than that of 2017. As the airport operates at 98% of its capacity, domestic routes have been squeezed out from 18 in 1990 to just 8 today as airlines always prefer profitable routes. By expanding the airport capacity with a third runway, the airport is creating new connections to global markets.

Heathrow Expansion drives Opportunities

The expansion drive is opening multiple opportunities in various segments with a projected £187 billion economic benefits for the country by 2050. According to the Heathrow Skills Taskforce recommendations report, the expansion project would require 10,000 construction workforce and 40,000 labour jobs benefiting the local community. For the expansion and operational activities, contracted suppliers and subcontractors will be providing goods and services, benefiting the supply-chain industry. Doubled cargo capacity doubles supply chain opportunities as well. Commercial partners in retail, hospitality, catering, airlines etc. will increase their business volumes as well. The Airport Management is setting up four regional logistics hubs that will also require more professionals.

What’s in it for IT professionals?

As with all other business verticals, the expansion project is driving growth in the IT sector too. With the new runway, airport operations are going to significantly increase. So, they need employees in various categories that include the IT segment. For instance, the implementation of AI-based solutions for flight operations using Ultra HD 4K cameras in a new £2.5 billion digital control tower laboratory is expected to reduce delays between flight landings by 20 secs. This project will create hundreds of jobs in the AI technology segment.

Similarly, the airport authorities have launched an innovative program called the Career Returner program wherein people who have taken a break of two or more years can apply for various IT positions to join this prestigious organisation. Heathrow staff will provide training and support for the job role via a 6-month structured program. Job positions include Business Analyst, Project Manager, Product Owner, Strategy Manager etc. In addition, there are job openings related to GDPR compliance tasks. Airport offices across the country would be recruiting more IT staff.

The airport expansion project creates indirect IT jobs across the supply chain. For instance, the increase in airport operations will automatically increase the travel operations. As such, new travel organisations would be setup while existing ones must expand their infrastructure. In either case, new IT jobs are created. Similarly, other industries in the supply chain such as fuel and energy industries, logistics, hospitality, catering, etc. require an overhaul. The result is more jobs.

Heathrow Airport expansion project is driving growth, jobs and opportunities for everyone. So, this is the right time to equip yourselves with the right skills and contact the right job consultancy to get into the prestigious organisation. Brightred is here to help. Located on the doorstop of Heathrow Airport, Brightred has been supplying top talent into this vibrant environment for many years.

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