Community Investment

A BIG thank you to those that helped us raise £83.00 at MacMillan’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning on 29th September 2017.

Together we’ve helped to make a huge difference to people facing cancer. So, we’d like to say thank you – we couldn’t have done it without you.

The standard of baking amongst the Brightred Team was surprisingly high but there could only be one Brightred Bake Off Champion on the day.

The coveted Bake Off Trophy went to Steven Ford who proved that sometimes less is more with his scrumptious Victoria Sponge. Well done Steven!

Thank you for being the icing on the cake!

Brightred Resourcing is proud of supporting the wider community and this forms a strong ethos amongst our team. We each have an opportunity and a responsibility to make a difference and Brightred helps encourage and focus this impact.

Charity work in Tanzania Sept 2017 with SYF Shazad Yaseen Foundation and Zohra Hussain


Brightred encourages all staff to consider volunteering because it benefits the community, staff and the organisation. A Volunteering Policy allows staff time off and access to facilities.

Zohra is currently visiting Tanzania and Pakistan with Ifraz Yaseen to start a number of projects for the SYF Shazad Yaseen Foundation. Brightred are extremely proud of the work Zohra is doing with the Foundation and continue to wish her well and a safe journey home. To learn more about the work the SYF Foundation do and to show your support please visit SYF Shazad Yaseen Foundation.

Cricket Repainting

Michael gave up his time to help support a local cricket club who regularly support 100’s of children from around the Slough area providing coaching and development in a safe, family friendly environment.

Michael spent his Sunday helping with the painting of the changing room, repairing the nets, and fixing tables & chairs.

The Brightred Lighthouse Team - Face Painting dayJocelyn volunteered at Lighthouse Burnham, as part of the Brightred volunteer scheme.

Lighthouse hosts nearly 700 primary school children with the help of 200 teenage volunteers and a further 100 volunteers from our local community. All the volunteers are unpaid and Lighthouse operates on a voluntary contribution from the children that attend.
Lighthouse is a full week of fun teaching and group time, sports, craft, drama, plenty of enthusiastic singing and dancing, and cheering for the games on Mainstage, not forgetting, the end of day gunging of the helper of their choice!

‘I had such fun and loved being in a tent with nearly a 1000 children all jumping and singing together. All the teenagers I worked with said they would be back again next year, and I would love to join them, which says it all’ Jocelyn



Following on from there sterling team performance at Tough Mudder UK earlier this year, together with the generous donations from our clients, family and friends, Brightred Resourcing were delighted to handover a cheque to the SYF Shazad Yaseen Foundation, in support of their great charity work.


Michael, Alistair, Ian and Mark with Martin as support, took part in the MedEquip4Kids Trek 50 Challenge and completed 6th out of 48 teams to raise £2500 for this worthy cause. The team trekked a monster 50 miles in under 24 hours along the stunning Pennines. At times the weather was against them with torrential downpours but the spirit and camaraderie of the team was fantastic and won through.

The Environment

Brightred Resourcing Limited is committed to reducing the environmental impacts of our business operations.

Our commitment is to:

  • Continuously improve our environmental performance and integrate recognised environmental management best practice into our business operations.
  • Reduce our consumption of resources and improve the efficient use of those resources.
  • Manage waste generated from our business operations according to the principles of reduction, re-use and recycling.
  • Manage our business operations to prevent pollution.
  • Ensure environmental, including climate change, criteria are taken into account in the procurement of goods and services.
  • Comply as a minimum with all relevant environmental legislation as well as other environmental requirements to which the firm subscribes.

To meet our commitments we will:

  • Set and monitor key objectives and targets for managing our environmental performance at least annually.
  • Communicate internally and externally our environmental policy and performance on a regular basis, and encourage feedback.
  • Communicate the importance of environmental issues to our people.
  • Work together with our people/employees, service partners, suppliers, landlords and their agents to promote improved environmental performance.
  • Promote appropriate consideration of sustainability and environmental issues in the services we provide to our clients.
  • Review our environmental policy regularly.

This statement represents our general position on environmental issues, and the policies and practices we will apply in conducting our business.