• Want to be an Apprentice? You’re hired!

    Brightred Apprenticeship Scheme – Real Success Stories! Have you got what it takes to become an IT Recruitment Apprentice with Brightred Resourcing Ltd? We are a dynamic and exciting company known for our high standards, which is probably why we attract the best. Our successful apprentices become part of our team right from the very beginning. We […]

  • Brexit

    What does Brexit mean for UK recruitment?

    Much has been made of Brexit and its impact on recruitment and Britain’s ability to source staff – especially in industries which are already experiencing a shortage of qualified talent. Despite endeavours across the business community to find out what Brexit will actually mean in practical terms for these issues, very little is really known. […]

  • How effective are psychometric tests?

    By Michael Allen of Brightred Resourcing Limited, March 2017  Many of our clients favour psychometric tests in the selection of candidates. This type of questionnaire based testing can reveal traits, behaviours, attitudes and values in a person. Some tests may also require candidates to solve problems, to assess their performance abilities. Using the results from […]

  • Digital transformation: how should we approach it?

    Those of us who have been party to the age of digital change have witnessed modifications in customer behaviour and expectations, the development of new business tools and evolving platforms from which to make ourselves known. As we look at our businesses and business processes it is small wonder that we sometimes feel overwhelmed by […]

  • Humans versus robots – are we still needed?

    Since the advent of the first industrial revolution mankind has seen machines slowly take over our industry and our jobs. Initially this assimilation was of manual jobs. New skills such as engineering emerged and the job market changed. We are currently undergoing a similar revolution with predictions by Forrester that 6% of all US jobs […]

  • Recruitment Agency Expos: are they worth the time?

    Every year at Brightred Resourcing, as is the case with many other Recruitment companies countrywide, we receive a mountain of publicity inviting us to attend various Recruitment Fairs. I have been to these events in years gone by and found them very useful for different reasons but to be honest, it is a long while […]

  • Bournemouth: The UK’s fastest growing Digital Technology hub

    By Chris Shephard Head of Economic Development and Sustainability Environment and Regeneration Services for Bournemouth I’d like you to have a guess at where in the UK will have an average age of 34 for the next 20 years. I bet it’s not where you think. It’s the same place that has the fastest growing […]

  • Digitalisation of UK Banks

      By Michael Allen of Brightred Resourcing Limited Across the world, banks are investing heavily in back-office digital technologies mainly for the purpose of reducing front-end costs and increasing revenues. Since the banks that have already adopted a digital retail banking model reported higher profit margins than those focusing on front-end operations, the digital transformation […]

  • Perceptions of the Recruitment Industry

    By Michael Allen of Brightred Resourcing Limited June 2015 In September 2011, the Resource Solutions Group joined forces with APSCo to release a survey to their client and contractor base at the time. The purpose of the exercise was to discover and document perceptions of the recruitment industry. You can see their findings here. It […]

  • Where are all the Women?

    By Michael Allen of Brightred Resourcing Limited May 2015  In an article written for Forbes magazine in 2012, writer Mark Fidelman presented his findings regarding the issue of shortfall in the number of women employed in technology positions. He discussed the evidence with ten successful women who had, at the time, made it to the top of […]

  • What is the potential impact of a changing government on the UK employment legislation and how might this impact the recruitment industry?

    By Michael Allen of Brightred Resourcing Limited April 2015 With the general election only a matter of weeks away, political rhetoric is heating up. Each party fighting in the General Election has policies and manifesto commitments which will, if implemented, have major implications throughout the political landscape, not least in the workplace. Employment law is […]