March 2015

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  • Keeping it real

    By Michael Allen of Brightred Resourcing Limited In today’s economic climate, how do you reassure your clients that your company follows through the promises it makes? In the UK, the recruitment industry frequently boasts about offering an exemplary quality of service, when in reality it often falls short. There is a growing trend of internet-based […]

  • Do workplace apprenticeship schemes add any value to the recruitment industry?

    In his 2013 Autumn Statement, the chancellor George Osborne announced a major reform to the way apprenticeships worked. Not only would the Government be doubling the number available, meaning that over the following two years, an additional 20,000 young people could opt for training on the job, but employers would now be funded directly through […]

  • Interview with Zohra Hussain, Brightred’s first apprentice

    So Zohra, why did you choose an apprenticeship over going to university? When I was in years 10 and 11 at school in Slough, I was appointed as the co-manager of the executive team. My main role was to recruit new members and it was down to me to conduct prospective candidates’ interviews and assessments. […]